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Ramey’s Boxing Program


Our Ramey’s Boxing program was established in 1927 by Wes Ramey, SR.  It was honed over the course of 259 amateur, and professional fights, which led to numerous wins over world champions, hall of famers, and Wes’ own induction into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame (IBHOF) in Canastota, New York!!

It was passed down to his son, Wes Ramey, JR., who after a successful career, went on to train numerous Michigan, and Indiana Golden Glove champions, as well as ten professional world champions!

The legacy continues at Top Level Gym, under the guidance of Ramey’s protege Ian Ransburg.


What does this mean for you?


If you’ve heard boxing is a great way to keep yourself fit, you can enjoy the benefits of a boxing workout, all while actually learning the art of boxing!

Don’t waste your time just hitting a bag, and two months later you’re once again bored with a workout, because you’re constantly doing the same old routine!

Come get all of the physical benefits of a boxing workout, all while seeing the constant improvements in your skill, and understanding of the sport!


Want to dance under the lights?

“The best time to start was yesterday.  The next best time is now!”

You’ve already read the results.  Multiple professional, and amateur champions.  Entry into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.  Are you ready to dedicate yourself to achieving your goals?  It’s a hard road, but we’re happy to travel it with you!

Additional Benefits of our Boxing Program

  • Tone your body!
  • Burn the unwanted fat!
  • Increase your stamina!
  • Relieve Stress!
  • Increase your self-esteem!
  • Improve your Boxing skills!

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