Sharpen Your Skills, Harden Your Body

Our Ramey’s Boxing program is a combination of form and function. Here you will train just like the pros – minus the contact, while you learn the same boxing fundamentals that has been instilled in, and proven by boxing World Champions! Based on the proven techniques of International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Wes Ramey Sr., and world champion trainer Wes Ramey Jr., that have produced numerous Indiana state Golden Glove, and Silver Glove champions!

Tone your body!

  • Burn the unwanted fat!
  • Increase your stamina!
  • Relieve Stress!
  • Increase your self-esteem!

Hone your Boxing skills!

  • Balance
  • Distance
  • Jump Rope
  • Heavy Bag
  • Double-End Bag
  • Uppercut Bag
  • Speed Bag
  • Pad work

Classes are focused on teaching students the fundamentals of boxing to help them to grow to their potential in the sport!

Our Competitive Boxing is perfect for those who want to develop their skills to the level which they can effectively use boxing for self-defense, or competition at the amateur to professional level of the sport.

During this class you will take the fundamentals of boxing, and learn how and when to apply them during controlled sparring sessions.

In addition to training your fundamentals, here you will learn to apply the craft of Boxing using proper distance, angles, feints, counters and strategy. You will learn the offensive and defensive techniques necessary to help you develop your skills to their highest capabilities, along with your confidence both in and out of the ring!

Those not interested in sparring will be put through full body conditioning focused on hardening your body to the same level of a professional fighter!

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