Muay Thai

Laying the Foundation

In our Dragon Leg Muay Thai program, students will build confidence, increase their fitness level, and learn the technical base needed to master the art of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a great aerobic workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, and is perfect for those looking to get the body they’ve always wanted!

The Art of Eight Limbs: Students will utilize punches, kicks, knees and elbows as they learn a practical art for self-defense, to properly prepare themselves for competitions, or as a fun new way to achieve personal fitness goals.

Based on the teachings of “Dragon Leg” Matee Jedeepitak, whose style is very technical, and allowed him to become a multiple time world champion, including the highest achievement in the sport, the Lumpinee Stadium title in Thailand during the “Golden Era” of Muay Thai. Our students have become both state, and national champions utilizing the same techniques you will learn!

Muay Thai is the perfect way for you to:

  • Burn Fat
  • Tone Muscles
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Increase Stamina
  • Relieve Stress
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Muay Thai kickboxing.
  • Learn effective self-defense from a competition proven art

Learn the full spectrum of Muay Thai, while sharpening your skills by utilizing:

  • Balance
  • Proper Distance
  • Footwork
  • Offense and Defense
  • Heavy Bag
  • Thai Pads
  • Technical Drills
  • Light sparring (optional).

Students will learn beginning through advanced level Muay Thai techniques in this class, combined with exercises to help you naturally increase your general strength and flexibility all while increasing your fitness level.

The Belt is in the Ring

The competitive Muay Thai program is designed for those looking to further their technical knowledge of the art of Muay Thai and test it in competition. This class is designed to teach Muay Thai techniques that have been proven at the highest level of the sport. In this class, you will learn the application of world class Muay Thai techniques through:

  • Full Contact Sparring
  • Professional Thai Pad work
  • Real Speed application of Techniques
  • Professional Strategy
  • Competition Specific Training
  • Increased Conditioning

Competitive students will learn everything necessary to prepare their body and mind for the competitive level of Muay Thai.

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