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Ian Ransburg

Ian Ransburg16 years of experience in Boxing and Muay Thai

Ian began training in Muay Thai at the Siam Muay Thai camp in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1999. He was undefeated, including a win over a former IKF national champion, during his Muay Thai career. Ian trained with his mentor, “Dragon Leg” Matee Jedeepitak, a former Lumpinee Champion, World Muay Thai Council, and IKF World Champion. Unlike many take and give fighters, Matee is a masterful technician, whose style is admired even amongst his peers. Ian is still learning from Matee Jedeepitak to this day.

After Siam Muay Thai closed, Ian began boxing with a son of a boxing hall of fame member, and trainer of ten professional world-boxing champions, Wes Ramey Jr. During his time in boxing, Ian won a state Golden Gloves title and boxed professionally under the tutelage of Wes Ramey, until he began teaching Boxing and Muay Thai. Ian taught alongside Wes Ramey, until Wes said he was able to retire happily knowing Ian was ready to take over any amateur or professional fighters they trained. Ian currently runs and instructs students at Top Level Gym in Indianapolis, Indiana. Providing World class Muay Thai, and world-class boxing knowledge, available to you, courtesy of these gentlemen.

Ian has instructed numerous amateur and professional boxers, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in the true art of Muay Thai. He has worked the corner for state boxing champions and a national Muay Thai champion. He has also cornered professional boxers all over the United States from local shows to the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia to many local MMA, three Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and a Bellator show.

Muay Thai and MMA students looking to improve their stand up knowledge will learn the full spectrum of Muay Thai, including proper punching, kicking, knees, elbows, clinching, throws, sweeps, along with offensive and defensive strategies against various opponents. Those willing to put in the time will learn a world-class intelligent style of Muay Thai that focuses on hitting, without being hit, along with the ability to read and adjust to any opponent.

Boxers looking to test themselves in the ring will get knowledge passed on to them that put one Ramey in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and another Ramey, a 56-year career as a coach and cut man that included numerous professional world champions, national amateur champions, and state amateur champions. Eighty-eight years of boxing knowledge available to anyone dedicated enough to learn the game.

To anyone wanting to learn either of these arts as a fun way to attain the fitness level of a professional fighter, without the contact, Ian will work with you. From professional bag and work and conditioning drills to get the results you want to see in yourself, both mentally, and physically.

Ian is a true student of the game, and is happy to pass on his knowledge to anyone dedicating his or her self. He is also happy to push you or answer any questions to help you achieve your goals.

Ian Ransburg

  • Former Indiana Golden Gloves Champion (2001)
  • Defeated IKF Muay Thai national amateur champion
  • Undefeated in Muay Thai competition
  • Former professional boxer
  • Trained cut man
  • Trainer of 4 TBA (Thai Boxing Association) national Muay Thai champions
  • Trainer of Indiana state Golden Glove champions
  • Trainer of local MMA champions
  • Trainer of former UFC and Bellator fighter

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