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Wes RameyWes was born into boxing. His father, Wes Ramey Sr. was ranked in the top ten lightweights of the world for ten years, during an era of outstanding fighters. Wes Sr. defeated six world champions: Tony Canzoneri, Benny Bass, Johnny Jadick, Leo Rodak, Lew Jenkins and Battling Shaw. He had a combined record of 10-2 against them but never received a shot at the title. Wes was in the gym for the first time, while he was still in diapers. As he grew up, he traveled the country with his father, from the east coast, to the west coast. He witnessed first hand some of the greatest trainers in the world, including: Ray Arcel, Whitey Bimstein, Freddy Brown, Charlie Goldman, along with his father, Wes Ramey Sr. He has been in such gyms as Stillman’s in New York City, the Olympia gymnasium in L.A., along with Johnny Tacos’ world famous Las Vegas gym – “and a hundred other gyms in the mean time”. Boxing Experience:

  • Three-time Michigan Golden Gloves Champion 1957-1959.
  • Two-time Michigan AAU Champion 1958-1959.
  • Michigan State Outstanding Boxer Award 1957.
  • Bobby Rings Sportsmanship Award 1958.
  • Amateur Record: 149-8
  • Professional Record: 18-2-1, 11 KO’s.
  • 12 years amateur instructor, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • 8 Michigan Team Championships.
  • 50 Michigan State Amateur Champions.
  • 9 National Amateur Champions.
  • 56 years professional cut-man and trainer.
  • Worked 24 championship bouts.
  • Trained and/or worked with ten world champions, including:
    • Paul Banke, WBA 122lb. Champion.
    • Tony Tucker, IBF Heavyweight Champion.
    • Michael Nunn, IBF 160lb. Champion.
    • Carl Daniels, WBA 154lb. Champion.
    • Harold Brazier, WAA 154lb. Champion, IBF International 154lb. Champion.
    • Khalid Rahilou, WBA 140lb. Champion.
    • Iran Barkley, IBF 168lb. Champion.
    • Joey Gamache, Two-time 135lb. Champion.
    • Ricky Wall, WBF 126lb. Champion.
    • Troy Weida, IBO Heavyweight Champion.

Boxing Contenders:

  • Don Fullmer, #2 World Rated Middleweight, 1967.
  • Buster Mathis, World Rated Heavyweight.
  • Alfonso “Bumblebee” Long, #1 World Contender, 1989.
  • Harold Warren, #1 WBA 130lb. Contender.
  • Jorge Garcia, 126lb. World Contender, 1990.
  • Marty Jakubowski, #8 WBA 140lb. Contender, 1997.
  • Roger Turner, #3 147lb. Contender.
  • “Schoolboy” Jerry Cheadem, #2 Welterweight Contender.
  • Levi Billups, Heavyweight Contender
  • Rawlin Williams, NABF Middleweight Champion.
  • Cassius Clay Horn, USBA Jr-Welterweight Champion.
  • Eric Hernandez NABF Jr. Middleweight Champion

MMA Experience:

  • 10 years professional and amateur cut-man and trainer.
  • Worked 3 Ultimate Fighting Championship promotions (UFC).
  • Worked 42 Mixed Martial Arts Shows, including LFC, in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.
  • Well experienced in many aspects of the workings of a Mixed Martial Arts show, including match making, hand wrapping, equipment checks, and weigh-ins.

Interview with Wes